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Welcome all PEZ Collectors   !

PEZ Set of Puzzy Cats

Rare and hard to find concave Top Regulars !

Funny Fantasy Hats

PEZ Olympic Snowman Innsbruck Austria 1976

PEZ Ringmaster

PEZ Thor with and without Trademark

PEZ Mary Poppins

PEZDifferent inscr. Sparefroh

PEZ Doctor and Nurse


PEZ BrideA blank Stem  and Groom A

PEZ Regulars including Ben Hur and Locking Cab

PEZ Set of Goofys

PEZ Bambi and Rudolf

PEZ Unique Set of Cockatoos

PEZ Cow A and Cow B Set

PEZ  Duck with Flower

PEZ Speedy Gonzales

PEZ Elephant Set

PEZ Panda Bear A

PEZ Duck Child I  Ice blue Head

PEZ  Tinkerbelle

PEZ Clown with Chin

PEZ Clown with Collar

PEZ Monkeys

PEZ Ponys

PEZ Lions Club Lion including the very rare smaller Head Version

PEZ  X.Mas

PEZ Angel A

PEZ Snowman

PEZ Lamb

PEZ  Rooster

PEZ Chick in Egg

PEZ  Mr. Ugly

PEZ Octopus

PEZ Indian Chief

PEZ Pilot and Stewardess

PEZ Uncle Sam

PEZ Astronaut A

PEZ Betsy Ross and Cowboy

PEZ  Peter pez and Rico

PEZ Baloo A

PEZ Yappy Dog - Crocodil

PEZ Panter - Thumper - Raven

PEZ  Chip

PEZ  Cricket and Dumbo

PEZ  Dalmatian - Captain Hook

PEZ Pinoccio A + B - Peter Pan

PEZ Practical Pig  - Scrooge McDuck

PEZ Zorro Mowglie

PEZ  Donald A

PEZ  Goofy

PEZ Snowhite - Pooh

PEZ  Tyke and Tom

PEZ  Spike

PEZ  Tom B here you can see the  2 different Head Moulds

PEZ Bullwinkle and Bozo

PEZ  Caspar

PEZ Charly Brown A

PEZ  Wonder Woman - Captain America

PEZ Popeye Olivia Brutus

PEZ  Smurfs

PEZ  Halloween

PEZ  Witch A Sculls

PEZ  Witch

PEZ  Indian Girls

PEZ Annie - Captain

PEZ  Creature - Wolfman - Frankenstein

PEZ  Bicentennial

PEZ  Henry Hawk

PEZ  Duffy Duck - Foghorn Leghorn

PEZ  Speedy +  Petunia

PEZ  Erie Spectres

PEZ  Tweety - Roadrunner - Girl A

PEZ  Nurse and Doctor

PEZ  Girl A - Mexican - Fireman - Police Man

PEZ  Psychedelic Hand and Flower

PEZ  Pirate - Police Man - Sheriff

PEZ  Superheros

PEZ  Odd Regular Parts

PEZ  Football Player

PEZ  Cojote and Silvester

PEZ  Boy A

PEZ  Ingeneer - Mr. Mystic - Sailor

PEZ  Sheik - Base Ball Hand - Ringmaster- Maharajah

PEZ  Lion with Crow - Pear

PEZ  Lucy - Dog

PEZ  Snoopy - Woodstock

PEZ  Green Hornet - PIF

PEZ Set of Vuco Olympic Wolf

Some Specials

Thank you Brian !

PEZ Bundesrat PEZ Set

SKF Moglie

Rare Color Variations from Wizard of Oz

Lisa & Shawn

2 different Antenna from the Bee

PEZ Compaq


PEZ NH Hotel Boy Sissi &  Mozart

PEZ Cocta Trucks

Differnet Antenna from the Bee

PEZ Japan Gundam Set of 4

PEZ 80 th  Anniversary

PEZ Paul Frank

PEZ is a Trademark of Haas / Austria !

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